The Values at Play (VAP) project was conceived with the intent of investigating how video game designers consciously and unconsciously embed social values into video games through narratives and game mechanics. This curriculum, a corollary of the research project, will introduce designers to a systematic method for discovering, analyzing, and integrating values and meaningful, critical play into their design work. All of the materials associated with the curriculum are available on this page as downloadable documents.

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Teaching & Curriculum Guide

The guide contains a unit for introducing game designers to the concept of values embedded in games. The unit is divided into four lesson plans and covers the three segments of the Values at Play design methodology.
Values at Play — Curriculum

Design Journals

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Other Available Readings

  • Erickson, T. (2000). Lingua francas for design: Sacred places and pattern languages.
  • Flanagan, M., Nissenbaum, H., Belman, J., & Diamond, J. (2007). A method for discovering values in digital games. To be presented at the annual conference of the Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA), Tokyo, Japan.

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