Emily Post did not play video games.

The Aberrant Gamer, a column on GameSetWatch, asks, “Are we [gamers] crueler than we were years ago? And have we, as a society, become unhealthy?”

Levity for the Beginning of Your Week

Because I think that everyoone sometimes needs something light to get themselves started at the beginning of the work week, here are a few amusing things from around the Internet.

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A Virus for Macs

In a late celebration of Halloween, Mac owners can now shiver in fear at the prospect of computer viruses, with the brand new Mac virus. And Steven Jobs didn’t even have to hold a press conference for it.

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Do Hackers Limit Creativity in Game Design?

Lisa Laughy has a problem with game design education. But it’s not so much the education, so much as the game industry’s influence on the way game design is taught.

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Army of Two

by Andy Lemke Private security contractors are in the news, and now you can play the videogame. But game designer Chris Ferriera wants to do something different—creating a cooperative, two-person shooter game in Army of Two.

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