Values at Play – The Book!

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Values in Games & What Designers Should Be Doing

Watch Ian Bogost discuss values in games and what designers should be doing.

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Games as Culture

Watch Chris Bell discuss Games as Culture.

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Values as What One Passes Down to Others

Watch Mattie Brice discuss values as what one passes down to others.

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Player Personas

Watch Eric Zimmerman discuss player persona and core design values in games.

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Values as Rules

Watch Cornelia Brunner discuss values as rules in child development, expressed during gameplay.

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Leveraging the human element in games

Watch Cindy Poremba discuss leveraging the human element in games.

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Values Expressed Through Character Depiction

Watch Richard Lemarchand discuss his interest in values expressed through character depiction.

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Small acts of kindness in game mechanics

Watch interview Akoha’s Austin Hill discuss small acts of kindness in game mechanics.

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