Video games you really feel for.

I found this on Kotaku, and the concept seemed very interesting to me. Basically, it’s a vest and helmet that allow video game players to feel all the shocks and bumps within the game. Are game players really in the mood for a little more action in their first-person shooters?

For one, I can see some pretty bone-headed reactions to this device, late nights under the influence. . . . But there could also be some interesting possibilities for this type of contraption. Yes, I’m going to say it—an anti-war game where the player feels the effects of battle, thereby forcing him or her to think more deeply about war. That’s just a thought.

But would the average videogame player want to be continuously jolted while playing? That’s something to be seen, because being pushed around doesn’t seem very fun. At the very least, that helmet and vest are severely lacking in fashion sense.

Well, in any case, let Pavlov’s dogs know you’ll be busy.

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