Teens and Games

Originally posted on: Grand Text Auto by Dr. Mary Flanagan Perhaps you have heard reports of the new study funded by Pew and MacArthur on video games. The survey, Teens, Video Games and Civics, was conducted with 1102 young people aged 12-17. Some are saying the results are “surprising” and even that they “shatter stereotypes” […]

Game Phones

The new iPhone 3G has been announced, and an opinion piece on Gamasutra ponders the possibilities of the iPhone as a viable platform for gaming.

2008 Grassroots Media Conference

via: Grassroots Media Coalition The Mainstream Media is a propaganda mind control operation owned by an elite cartel for the benefit of the global oligarchy. I wish that were hyperbole, but it isn’t. Luckily, alternative media, independent media, is going strong and growing every year. The annual Grassroots Media Conference is a chance for media […]

Video games you really feel for.

I found this on Kotaku, and the concept seemed very interesting to me. Basically, it’s a vest and helmet that allow video game players to feel all the shocks and bumps within the game. Are game players really in the mood for a little more action in their first-person shooters?

Retirement Home Wii

The Nintendo Wii has been out for some months now, so you may have heard about the phenomenon of the Wii and the elderly. Yes, the elderly and the Wii. If you need a refresher, take a look at this article.

Portal as a Feminist Statement

Generally, first-person shooter games are considered “masculine.” The weapon of choice is an obvious stand-in for the phallus, and the game usually puts the hero in a “search, kill, conquer” situation. But the game Portal, which was released on PlayStation 3 this past week, seems to be made of something different.

Big Tetris

Now this is all levels of cool. There’s a project underway at the Tampere University of Technology in Finland that involves a giant game of Tetris.

Technological Revolutions

I am a nube. In Second Life, I spend a good deal of time standing in one place awkwardly moving my mouse and clicking, desperately spinning my scroll wheel trying to get my view back centered on myself. Somehow, I’m looking down from the clouds, and then in the next instant I’m zoomed in to […]

Sci-Fi Wasabi Mario

Here’s a video of Super Mario Brothers set against Cibo Matto’s “Sci-Fi Wasabi.”

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