2008 Grassroots Media Conference


via: Grassroots Media Coalition

The Mainstream Media is a propaganda mind control operation owned by an elite cartel for the benefit of the global oligarchy. I wish that were hyperbole, but it isn’t. Luckily, alternative media, independent media, is going strong and growing every year. The annual Grassroots Media Conference is a chance for media activists to come together, compare notes, and stratagize. It’s always worth attending. This year, Tiltfactor Lab will be facilitating a game design workshop to help participants better understand how to analyze existing games and consciously embed values in their own games.

How do even simple games embody human values? How can activists plan to create new games which feature a strong ethos? This workshop, “Grow-a-Game!,” uses new tools developed to help novices and experts alike make socially responsible games. Tiltfactor (Hunter College) the first social activist computer game lab in the country, will host this workshop introducing activist groups to the process of creating video games for social change and social justice issues. No experience in game design required!

March 2
Hunter College

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