Teens and Games

Originally posted on: Grand Text Auto by Dr. Mary Flanagan Perhaps you have heard reports of the new study funded by Pew and MacArthur on video games. The survey, Teens, Video Games and Civics, was conducted with 1102 young people aged 12-17. Some are saying the results are “surprising” and even that they “shatter stereotypes” […]

Why Microsoft and Intel tried to kill the XO $100 laptop

via: Times By Bryan Appleyard At the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2005, Nicholas Negroponte, supreme prophet of digital connectivity, revealed a strange tent-like object. It was designed to change the world and to cost $100. It was a solar-powered laptop. Millions would be distributed to children in the developing world, bringing them […]

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US Military Recruits Children: “America’s Army” Video Game Violates International Law

I’m sure readers here are pretty familiar with what America’s Army is so I’ll skip most of the article, but there are some salient details that were new to me. via: Truthout … What the game’s “realism” is attempting to do is to mask the violent reality of combat, and military experience in general, for […]

Thailand Bans Grand Theft Auto IV

This article is kind of confusing, and I haven’t found any others that offer a clearer explanation. I’m imagining that the Thai government is just being reactionary here and there is no clear justification for banning the game. They say the boy murdered the taxi driver because he wanted to see if it was as […]

‘Metal Gear Solid 4′ and the Lack of Sad Games

Metal Gear: love it or hate it, the game is one of videogamedom’s most iconic franchises. Maybe it’s too cinematic, maybe it’s too preachy, but give it credit for trying at least. Even if you never want to sneak around in the shaddows chocking out gentically engineered super soldiers, or watch mercenaries wax philosophical about […]

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Brand Power

At last! Games are catching up! As the videogame becomes an increasingly important form of expression, it also becomes an increasingly important form to exploit. According to Kotaku, a study by IGA, an agency devoted solely to advertising in videogames, in association with Nielsen (yes, that Nielsen), has determined that people are okay with a […]